North korea and china in new territory: Chinese media reports

North korea and china in new territory: Chinese media reports

by Siyuan (SIC)

March 22, 2014

The US government has claimed that China has agreed to join in the deployment of a long range missile defense system, according to the Washington Free Beacon, quoting a report in the state-run Xinhua news agency.

The report, posted on its website March 16, described the possible inclusion of China’s Taishan Missile Defense (TMD) unit. TMD would be capable of intercepting missiles up to six times its own mass, meaning that the system could include some of the most powerful land-based missiles deployed by the Pentagon.

However, the Pentagon said it was “committed to ensuring the protection of American interests” and that all the components of the proposed unit will have been tested and will need to be approved before they will be deployed.

TMD would allow Taiwan to deploy up to 16 THAAD batteries in one place to provide protection from missiles as large as 10,000 tons.

The reports of the possible inclusion of China in the installation were quickly deleted from the internet and censored by the government.

Xinhua also cited the US Department of Defense (DoD), who were quoted as saying that Beijing “agreed to a host of terms and conditions regarding deployment of an advanced missile defense system 바카라in Taiwan, and also to a set of princip카지노 사이트les of conduct, in order to ensure the successful use of the system”

The DoD also said “all possible measures to reinforce the defense system should be taken to prevent and address China’s aggressive actions and to prevent Beijing from developing advanced anti-access or area denial (A2/AD) systems.”

A DoD spokesperson said in an email: “We are committed to ensuring the protection of American interests.”

The Pentagon, however, has maintai바카라사이트ned that Taiwan’s deployment of this system is voluntary in line with the agreement between Taiwan and Washington, which they have not violated.

A government spokesperson from the US National Security Council referred to the “free and fair” talks that have taken place between the two sides.

“The US-Tibetan Free and Fair Business Council (FBBC), through their representatives, have not compromised on our security interests, nor taken steps to prevent the deployment of the missile defense system that is intended to protect the United States,” an NSC spokesperson stated in a statement on March 21.

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