Phillips pledges goal haul for villa built by Chinese in Wales

Phillips pledges goal haul for villa built by Chinese in Wales

A new £4.5 million villa has been built in north Wales by a Chinese company who are working to establish a manufacturing base in Wales.

Daihuetao has pledged to provide 2,000 Chinese students a job in its factories to start in 2017.

Daihuetao boss Lee Zhen said: “Over the last 15 years, our workforce in China has expanded by more than 15 p바카라사이트ercent and now numbers well beyond the 1 million workforce envisaged when the company was set up nearly two decades ago.

“While we will be able to employ many more workers at the end of the current employment programme, that growth has been slow and gradual. However, our ambitious plan is to build three new, high-quality villas in the region by 2020 to help Chinese and Welsh businesses create more jobs here and to boost local communities.

“We have 바카라chosen the area of Clwyd to launch the first phase of the project because it has an attractive profile, having the highest percentage of foreign workers in the region. We have also chosen a relatively high profile location close to the town of Aberystwyth, and we believe this area will be the foundation stone of the new factory.”

The Villas at Braintree site is near the border between Wales and Scotland. It houses four apartments and the site also hosts a new steel-mill facility, a car production facility and a recycling facility.

A villa that has already been built for Chinese students in Wales – in one of the areas on site.

The project also includes development of a factory which, the company says, will produce 10,000 pairs of shoes and 60,000 pairs of socks within 10 years.

The company’s first production site is a site on the site of the former B&B in Porthcawl that houses ab바카라사이트out 500 employees.

It recently announced plans to create 200 permanent jobs.